Consulting & Creation

Franglish is your trusted advisor for strategic development, writing, marketing and communications projects & more!

Consulting & Creation

Franglish is your trusted advisor for strategic development, writing, marketing and communications projects & more!

Project Development

Starting an independent business or even structuring a project can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it alone. Luckily, we have the experience to guide you along the way! We work together to elaborate your idea, find solutions to your roadblocks and create content for your project. From the idea to the administration to the launch, we help bring your project to life!

Strategic Marketing & Communications

Thanks to our extensive academic and professional experience, we provide marketing and communications consulting for your project, business or organization. Whether you need an exterior opinion, some help in your marketing team with a campaign or someone to realize your entire Marcoms plan, we discuss your needs together and go from there!

Go Abroad Advisor

Travelling, studying and finding a job in another country can be challenging but also rewarding! Thanks to our life experience travelling around the world and knowledge having lived, studied and worked in the USA & France, we accompany you in your search and during your exchange so it can be as efficient and effective as possible. We discuss your project, help you plan and research, rewrite or tweak your resume and cover letter, practice for interviews and discuss overall cultural differences in professional and academic contexts, according to your needs!

Content Creation

Your content plays a crucial role in marketing, customer service and sales. Our strong background and experience in journalism, marketing communications and creative writing allows us to carry out research and create content for your personal, academic and professional projects!

Why choose Franglish ?

Work with an experienced cross-cultural communicator!

Our experience travelling around the world, working and studying several subjects in various contexts and living abroad make us the perfect one-stop shop for your personal, professional and academic projects! We use our knowledge of marketing, journalism, cultural difference and business to guide you along your journey and help you reach your own international goals!


You have questions. We have answers!

We offer a variety of consulting and creation services, including project development, strategic marketing and communications consulting, go abroad advice and content creation for your personal, academic and professional projects.

Depending on your profile (school, business or individual), location and service, you can:

-Contact us by email to discuss your needs & determine the next steps

-Schedule a 15-minute consultation via our online booking platform to discuss your needs & determine the next steps

Schedule an hour-long quick consult to get some advice an guidance via our online booking platform

According to your needs, our sessions may take place online via video chat, by phone or email and in-person at your school, business, home or other pre-determined meeting location. Commute fees may apply, according to the distance to your location. We determine the details and in-person pricing together, based on our starting fees. You can find more information about this on the Pricing Page.

Yes! Depending on your needs and profile, particularly for schools and businesses, we may work together on an independent contract (contrat de prestation de service), short-term contract or long-term contract basis. In this case, please contact us to further discuss your needs.

Unfortunately, no. Franglish does not currently offer certifications. However, we can guide you in preparation for independent certifications and even help you find them and sign up for them during your classes with us. We are currently working to partner with Bright, TOEIC and others to provide more opportunities within our framework!

Unfortunately, no. Franglish does not currently accept the French CPF for class payments. BUT we are in the process of becoming recognized by the CPF, in order to accept it in the future! This could take 1-2 years, but we will update our website and communicate the evolution of this process once we have more information!

You can contact us by email to discuss price quotes for contracts, multi-session packages and long-term project needs. Otherwise, basic pricing ranges are available on the Pricing Page.

Impassioned by international cultures, languages and strategy since 2013, I have spent the last 10 years studying, travelling and working around the world for diverse clients and in many dynamic contexts. This has allowed me to gain experience and develop my skillIs as a cross-cultural collaborator, marketer and advisor! I am also a TEFL-certified English teacher, registered professional teacher and DALF-certified French speaker (C2), with over 7 years of experience and 3 university degrees, including:

-Bachelor (4-years) of Journalism & Mass Communications, French Language & International Relations, University of Iowa, USA

-Master (2 years) of Economic Intelligence and Strategic Communications, Université de Poitiers, France

-Master (1 year) of Market Studies and Operations, Université de Nantes, France

For more information, check out my CV/Resume on the About Page

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