Who We Are

Founded on the harmonious mix of our two favorite languages, French & English, we are your one-stop-shop for Franco-Anglophone collaborations!

We aim to bridge the gap between French & English speakers through dynamic cross-cultural collaborations, so we can understand and be understood by our international peers.

Noelle Yasmeen, Founder, Director, Cross-Cultural Communicator

Cultural difference is the history in our DNA. We shouldn’t seek to erase or change it, but we can live and communicate better through understanding and appreciating it.

Noelle Yasmen, Founder & director

The Story

An American in Nantes

Originally, from Chicago, I moved to France in 2017 to study and work as an English teacher at the Université de Poitiers. Since then, I have lived in several cities in France, including Poitiers, Paris and Nantes. My experiences and academic background led me to appreciate learning about different cultures and communicating internationally, especially with English and French speakers.

I hope to use my passion to help you communicate efficiently and effectively within your own personal, professional and academic projects! I look forward to cross-culturally collaborating with you!


A Dynamic Range of Experience to Fit Your Needs

Translating, Editing, Live Interpretation

more than 7 years

Teaching, including EFL, French, Marketing & Communications

more than 5 years

Journalism, Creative Writing and Editing, Departmental Research

more than 5 years

Marketing, Communications & Project Development

more than 5 years


A global experience to fit your needs

Translation, edit, interpretation

more than 7 years

Teaching, including EFL, french & business marketing

more than 6 years

Journalism, writing and editing for newspaper

more than 3 years

Marketing, communication & project developments

more than 4 years

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